What is Staffpad and who are you guys?

We help businesses across all industries hire the staff they need by providing the first exclusive platform for job seekers to find jobs with live-in accommodation.

What is live-in accommodation?

Jobs that include live-in accommodation, employer provided housing, tied-accommodation or staff accommodation is when your employer provides you with some form of housing accommodation in return for working at their company.

Why do employers provide housing to their employees?

Primarily in order for workers to carry out their jobs effectively, such as obscure working hours, onsite requirements or location. Accommodation may not be easily accessible for employees, nor may it be affordable in particular areas. Companies may offer it as a perk or incentive, and may utilise the benefit to gain an advantage over their competitors.

Do you offer help with VISA applications?

Unfortunately we cannot help with any VISA applications at this stage. Most employers require that you have a Right to Work in the UK before applying for the job. Your employer will have their own internal requirements for how they choose to offer housing. This could be in the form of providing the housing for free or at a subsidised rate, and will put forward their own rules and policies regarding contracts, tenancies and deposits. 

I have 1 bedroom that I offer to my staff, is Staffpad for me?

Absolutely. Staffpad caters for anyone that offers housing to their staff, of any size and industry. Even if you are a household offering a job for a live-in cleaner, Staffpad will help you find the right candidate.

I'm an employer, why should I verify my organisation?

It is important that you verify your housing with us so you can give prospective candidates the best possible experience when they are looking for jobs. Candidates want surety of what their employers housing offering looks like!

How do I apply for a job?

If you see a job that you like on Staffpad, simply submit a job application on the job listing itself by entering your information and uploading your CV. Your application will be sent directly to the employer for review, the employer will then reach out to you if they are interested in interviewing you.

How do I pay for a job on Staffpad?

When creating a job on our easy to use job listing portal, we provide an example template to help you with your job description. Once complete, you can save a job to you dashboard and publish to the platform from the job listing itself. You will be redirected to our payments portal (operated by Stripe) and can proceed with payment, your job listings will be visible on your dashboard, and you can view the expiry date on each job accordingly. You can also unpublished and republish jobs if you want to edit your purchased listing at any time. Please see our how it works tutorial for more information.

I can't find the job I'm looking for, can you notify me of the latest job listings?

Either on our job listings page or verified organisations page you can subscribe for the latest job listings by entering your details. We will email you with the latest job listings as they become available and you can then apply for the jobs on the Staffpad portal.

How does Staffpad find verified employees?

We target sector specific candidates, agencies and advertise our service to only attract the best staff that fit the mould for your business. We are creating a movement to capture all employees seeking jobs that provide live-in accommodation.

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